Two Peas broke up with me

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I’m sad to report, but I’m taking the loss of Two Peas In A Bucket VERY personally.

Two Peas Screen Shot

I have long considered it my go to source for all things scrapbooking, be it inspiration, news, supplies, education…  I was a loyal pea.  I spent 95% of my scrapbooking budget (and 60% of my grocery budget) at Two Peas.  I watched EVERY video, some twice, but nearly always on the day they were released.  I, in a weird online creeper kinda way, considered most of the garden girls as long distance friends.  So many of them I admired greatly and found myself giddy when their new video went live.  I’ll admit it, sometimes when the video was over, I would take a deep breath and catch myself exhaling with “I wish I were you”…  I know.  #intervention

In addition to all that creepiness, Two Peas was, in my eyes, a boutique shop.  A well curated collection of the most current and coveted items.  And, as it should be, the garden girl videos reflected that.  Videos were infused with all the newest products and mind blowing techniques.  Call me a paper snob, but I don’t want to be inundated with products and projects from manufacturers and designers that I wouldn’t use and don’t want to emulate.  Cutting through the crap (and the granny supplies) and getting to the meat of the industry was of HUGE value to me.

So now, I’m an internet gypsy.  A hobo.  I’m homeless and feeling so very lost. It’s with a sad heart that I look for new spots to hang out and find inspiration.  Studio Calico is a natural spot to gather, but short of writing my congressman, I don’t know how to convey to them the importance of regular videos.  From a perspective of loyalty, marketing and sales, I implore them (and other sites) to fill the internet void left by Two Peas in terms of high quality expert videos.  Not load, not haul, not warehouse walk, but garden girl-esqu magic.  Please.  Pretty please…

With that, here’s a layout. Made with only the most cutting edge and high quality products available on the market, duh.  Because I’m a snob like that.

Happy Today

Three cheers to anyone who can spot the hidden cat hair.  Ay, do I spy a new weekly series?!  #spotthecathair


Click here – What The Peanut Ordered

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Click here – What The Peanut Ordered

There’s no hiding my love affair with paper.  Seeing a package filled to the brim with paper of all shapes and sizes on my front porch is fo shizzle one of the thrills I most love in life.  This summer, however, I’ve kept myself in check.  Cuz, momma needs to eat, ya’ll.  But then… the sale, the selection and the stars’ alignment prompted this order.

Momma loves a little PR.  ;]

Here’s a peek at the latest way I’ve managed to ignore all my parenting duties…


I ripped right in to the latest delivery of goodness, the new Studio Calico SB kit, Valley High, and got to work on a story I’d been meaning to document from this Spring.

The girls and some neighborhood kids love an impromptu game of 4 Square.  As I watched and snapped video, I was astounded by the ‘terminololgy’ of the game.  The ‘gotcha’, ‘deep water’, ‘tree topper’, ‘shoe shiner’.  And… the layout was born.


Lots of other parts and pieces were added in.  Alot from previous SC kits.  I toyed with the title ALOT.  Almost left it off, but then I settled on inking some chipboard letters with the same stamp pad as I used on the wood veneers.  Though it’s not a perfect match, it works and doesn’t make me cringe when I look at the LO.



My loves