The Fifteen Minute Photo Project



I tried something new.  Something I’ve never seen or heard of before.

It really was an effort to gear up for Ali Edwards’ Week In The Life project.  I wanted to be more conscious about my photo taking this time around, but I knew I would need a way to keep myself in the game… especially towards the tail end of the project.  The ‘dog days’, if you will.

It occurred to me that perhaps setting a timer for every 5 minutes – a reminder to snap a quick photo – might be just the thing.  ‘The Five Minute Photo Project’ has a bit of a ring to it.  Then I did the math.  Turns out, that’s a. lot. o. photos.

So I pared back.

Introducing The Fifteen Minute Photo Project, folks.  Cue applause.

Fifteen Minute Photo01For reals, that’s the first photo I took.

After that, my timer went off every 15 minutes.  I stopped what I was doing and took a quick photo of what was happening in my world at that moment, reset the timer and then got right back to life.  Fifteen seconds tops. (See how that ties in there too.)

Fifteen Minute Photo03Fifteen Minute Photo05Fifteen Minute Photo04You’re welcome, people of the interwebs, for that there early morning selfie.

Carry on.

Fifteen Minute Photo16Fifteen Minute Photo14Fifteen Minute Photo15Work.  Blerg.

Fifteen Minute Photo10Fifteen Minute Photo09Fifteen Minute Photo02More of the 9-5 stuff.  A little challenging to keep that fresh every 15.

Fifteen Minute Photo06

Fifteen Minute Photo17

Fifteen Minute Photo20Fifteen Minute Photo13

Then we get to the fun stuff.  Kids, carpool line and such.

Fifteen Minute Photo11Fifteen Minute Photo18Fifteen Minute Photo19

Blamo!  We’re home and celebrating a birthday!

Fifteen Minute Photo07Fifteen Minute Photo08I hope you have enjoyed these unedited, unfiltered, largely unfocused, random glimpses of my day.  I challenge all of YOU to give the project a whirl.  It actually caught on around here – even with the hubs…  Now that there is a ringing endorsement!


Words, resolutions and such

One Little Word, Resolution, Self help kinda mumbo jumbo

I’m not as much of a ‘resolution maker’ as I am a skilled ‘resolution breaker’.  I DO adore the idea of a clean, fresh start.  A chance to reflect and reinvent.  But I’ve found that so many resolutions are abstract and/or extremely hard to live up to.  So this year I’ve looked for another way.

In the past few years I have participated (I use that word very loosely) in Ali Edwards One Little Word project in that I’ve chosen a word that I wanted to focus on for the coming year.  But this year, I’m doing more with it.  I’m TAKING her workshop which will force me to look deeper, spend some more time with the idea, get a little uncomfortable, and hopefully really make some progress.  I’m also making some very measurable goals associated with my word.  My problem has often been the abstract nature of a resolution.  I’m more of a specific steps kinda lady.  I’m into bullet points and boiling down that super inspiring quote into some action items I can take in my real world.

The workshop is really getting me thinking.  Helping me go deeper with the word and the whole concept.  Making me spend some time with the word.  But then I’m going to run with it in terms of nailing down a few key areas where I can make a couple tangible changes that will hopefully ripple right through the world of Ali.

So, my word is ENOUGH.  It came to me one day at work during a particularly rough week.  It originally presented as a declaration, as in “I’ve had enough!”  But it hung around and the idea of the word resonated with me.  There are more meanings to it than just that one.  I made a Pinterest board that focused on the word.  The intent was to explore directions in which that one word might take me.

Now, I’ve boiled down my favorite quotes and thoughts to this one little blurb that really speaks to me.  It really hones in on all the meanings of the word that I connect to.  (And I’m pretty proud of self for coming up with this).

Be. Have. Do. Enough

IMG_5990 2

IMG_5737 2

Meaning – Be enough.  Have enough.  Do enough.

It’s a start.  It’s my first stab at reigning in my thoughts.  I have alot swirling around my mind right now about next steps.  Specific action items.  Areas of my life to which this will apply (though seriously, all) and the priority of those areas.

Wish me luck, ya’ll.