The Fifteen Minute Photo Project



I tried something new.  Something I’ve never seen or heard of before.

It really was an effort to gear up for Ali Edwards’ Week In The Life project.  I wanted to be more conscious about my photo taking this time around, but I knew I would need a way to keep myself in the game… especially towards the tail end of the project.  The ‘dog days’, if you will.

It occurred to me that perhaps setting a timer for every 5 minutes – a reminder to snap a quick photo – might be just the thing.  ‘The Five Minute Photo Project’ has a bit of a ring to it.  Then I did the math.  Turns out, that’s a. lot. o. photos.

So I pared back.

Introducing The Fifteen Minute Photo Project, folks.  Cue applause.

Fifteen Minute Photo01For reals, that’s the first photo I took.

After that, my timer went off every 15 minutes.  I stopped what I was doing and took a quick photo of what was happening in my world at that moment, reset the timer and then got right back to life.  Fifteen seconds tops. (See how that ties in there too.)

Fifteen Minute Photo03Fifteen Minute Photo05Fifteen Minute Photo04You’re welcome, people of the interwebs, for that there early morning selfie.

Carry on.

Fifteen Minute Photo16Fifteen Minute Photo14Fifteen Minute Photo15Work.  Blerg.

Fifteen Minute Photo10Fifteen Minute Photo09Fifteen Minute Photo02More of the 9-5 stuff.  A little challenging to keep that fresh every 15.

Fifteen Minute Photo06

Fifteen Minute Photo17

Fifteen Minute Photo20Fifteen Minute Photo13

Then we get to the fun stuff.  Kids, carpool line and such.

Fifteen Minute Photo11Fifteen Minute Photo18Fifteen Minute Photo19

Blamo!  We’re home and celebrating a birthday!

Fifteen Minute Photo07Fifteen Minute Photo08I hope you have enjoyed these unedited, unfiltered, largely unfocused, random glimpses of my day.  I challenge all of YOU to give the project a whirl.  It actually caught on around here – even with the hubs…  Now that there is a ringing endorsement!


Yuck and yuck

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You guys, it’s rough around here.

The big guy hasn’t been feeling so hot, so Friday we spent the day having an optional organ removed.  Those ‘fall risk’ bracelets are stupid funny.  Hospital waiting rooms, however, are not.  Talk about uncomfy and a total crap way to spend a Friday…

Then, lil stuff came home from a sleepover with a case of the body aches.  “Seriously, mommy, my whole body hurts.”  Moms across the globe know what comes next…  101.2 on the thermo-meter.  Which she read as “112”.  Awesome.


What I love about this kid + a fever is that she gets super cooky.  Plus, that hair?!

Hope your weekend was significantly less crapola.



Today was day numero uno for my summer break.  Super exciting you guys.  The ADVENTURE begins NOW friends.  Lots of sleeping in (except not at all b/c we have daily swim practice).  Lots of layin in the sun (except I fry like a hot dog on a grill).  Lots of vacationing (except none are planned).  So really… my adventure involves laundry, shuffling piles of clutter and playing with paper and plants.  I’ll take it!

Not so awesome – the killer migraine I started this epic adventure out with.  Seriously you guys, I’m like the Princess and the Pea.  Except zero Princess and 100% Pea in my version of the story.  I slept just a tad wonky which resulted in my head nearly exploding all. day. long.

Good news?  I’m feelin better.  Good news 2.0?  Half off plants at the nursery.  Photos to come…



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You guys.  I love succulents.  I love crafting containers to plant them in.  (Or in some cases, ‘drown’ them in.)  I love repotting them.  I love pretending like I’ll give them away.  I love telling my kids not to touch them…


I am mind boggled by their wacky little bits of green wonder.  I am dying to understand how to best care for them, but that wack-a-doo world wide web gives hoards of conflicting information!  Eek!


No doubt, there will be carnage.  But I’m loving tinkering with them in the meantime.