I’m on a roll!

I made that, Scrapbook it

Life returned to normal today… I went back to work after 6 weeks off for the summer.  Happily, I had some left over summer mojo this evening and made a quick little somethin with a favorite Studio Calico kit, Dickinson.





Happy last week of July, friends.



Family life, I made that, Scrapbook it

I’m trying to hone my scrapbook style.  That statement sounds silly to me, but truth is I’m drawn to a myriad of styles and it vexes me a bit that I can’t nail something down as ‘my style’.  I think it’s an important step in my evolvement as a sb’er to identify what appeals to me most and what type of pages I find the most visually captivating.

I’ve watched ALOT of Shimelle videos.  I love those like cops love donuts, but I don’t think her style is akin to mine.  I am addicted to Wilna’s work, but wow, she’s artsy.  I’m not artsy.  I admire Ali Edwards.  Hard.  But ultimately, I don’t make pages like her if I’m working on my own.

So I’m setting about to find what style makes me happiest.  I plan to flip through the last couple year’s layouts and PL spreads and note which ones make me tingly in terms of design and what it is about them that I’d like to continue to recreate.

This page, I kinda love.


I love the white space.  The simplicity.  The colors.  The ink splatters (through which the cat walked when I wasn’t looking).


I started with a handful of stuff that was in a packet of randomness I purchased from Ann Marie Espinoza.  (Apparently because I don’t have enough random crap of my very own.)  There was a die cut butterfly in orange card stock that I’m never going to glue to paper – but it made the perfect stencil for a pencil/sewn outline.



8.5 x 11 pages are so easy to run through your printer.  A quick bit of typed journaling makes me super happy.


Ultimately, I over embellished and wish I would’ve stopped before stamping on the wood veneer speech bubble.  Live and learn.  I’m pretty over it already…


The “Today” chipboard Thickers from Amy Tangerine makes this page complete.  My love for script runs deep and wide.


There she is folks…  my first (and favorite) layout of 2015.

Two Peas broke up with me

I made that, My loves, Scrapbook it

I’m sad to report, but I’m taking the loss of Two Peas In A Bucket VERY personally.

Two Peas Screen Shot

I have long considered it my go to source for all things scrapbooking, be it inspiration, news, supplies, education…  I was a loyal pea.  I spent 95% of my scrapbooking budget (and 60% of my grocery budget) at Two Peas.  I watched EVERY video, some twice, but nearly always on the day they were released.  I, in a weird online creeper kinda way, considered most of the garden girls as long distance friends.  So many of them I admired greatly and found myself giddy when their new video went live.  I’ll admit it, sometimes when the video was over, I would take a deep breath and catch myself exhaling with “I wish I were you”…  I know.  #intervention

In addition to all that creepiness, Two Peas was, in my eyes, a boutique shop.  A well curated collection of the most current and coveted items.  And, as it should be, the garden girl videos reflected that.  Videos were infused with all the newest products and mind blowing techniques.  Call me a paper snob, but I don’t want to be inundated with products and projects from manufacturers and designers that I wouldn’t use and don’t want to emulate.  Cutting through the crap (and the granny supplies) and getting to the meat of the industry was of HUGE value to me.

So now, I’m an internet gypsy.  A hobo.  I’m homeless and feeling so very lost. It’s with a sad heart that I look for new spots to hang out and find inspiration.  Studio Calico is a natural spot to gather, but short of writing my congressman, I don’t know how to convey to them the importance of regular videos.  From a perspective of loyalty, marketing and sales, I implore them (and other sites) to fill the internet void left by Two Peas in terms of high quality expert videos.  Not load, not haul, not warehouse walk, but garden girl-esqu magic.  Please.  Pretty please…

With that, here’s a layout. Made with only the most cutting edge and high quality products available on the market, duh.  Because I’m a snob like that.

Happy Today

Three cheers to anyone who can spot the hidden cat hair.  Ay, do I spy a new weekly series?!  #spotthecathair

It’s a box of sunshine, ya’ll

Giving, I made that, Love it!

Ever had a friend, family member or co-worker who needed a little pick me up?  Someone going through a rough patch that just needs a reminder that they’re loved, appreciated or plain ol’ supah dupah?

One of my very favorite things is to make someone’s day (or at least make them smile) with a thoughtful little something.  Quote cards are my fave (more on that another time).  Some occasions, it turns out, call for a bit more of a showing…

Enter the BOX OF SUNSHINE!  (It’s crazy how good putting this together makes YOU, the giver, feel.)

Box of Sunshine Tutorial2First comes the shopping.  Think all things cheery, uplifting and YELLOW.  Notecards, sunglasses, snacks, gum, coffee, socks, toiletries, bubbly drinks, candy, individual sized BOXED WINE…

Then I had the hubs spray paint a Priority Mail box gold.  Everything’s better with gold, ya?

Now’s where you go your own way, folks… I went digital and cut out letters to glue on the box flaps.  I also cut some sunshine shapes and a quick sunshine card.

This occasion called for an all-hands-on-deck approach at work, so several ladies contributed.

The result was a box so full of happiness and love that it could barely be contained!  And neither could the tears of the recipient, ps.

iphone dump 11-16-13 575

BTdubs – I’ve found that this particular gift is best served with a stirring rendition of “You Are My Sunshine”.  Just sayin.