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I’m trying to hone my scrapbook style.  That statement sounds silly to me, but truth is I’m drawn to a myriad of styles and it vexes me a bit that I can’t nail something down as ‘my style’.  I think it’s an important step in my evolvement as a sb’er to identify what appeals to me most and what type of pages I find the most visually captivating.

I’ve watched ALOT of Shimelle videos.  I love those like cops love donuts, but I don’t think her style is akin to mine.  I am addicted to Wilna’s work, but wow, she’s artsy.  I’m not artsy.  I admire Ali Edwards.  Hard.  But ultimately, I don’t make pages like her if I’m working on my own.

So I’m setting about to find what style makes me happiest.  I plan to flip through the last couple year’s layouts and PL spreads and note which ones make me tingly in terms of design and what it is about them that I’d like to continue to recreate.

This page, I kinda love.


I love the white space.  The simplicity.  The colors.  The ink splatters (through which the cat walked when I wasn’t looking).


I started with a handful of stuff that was in a packet of randomness I purchased from Ann Marie Espinoza.  (Apparently because I don’t have enough random crap of my very own.)  There was a die cut butterfly in orange card stock that I’m never going to glue to paper – but it made the perfect stencil for a pencil/sewn outline.



8.5 x 11 pages are so easy to run through your printer.  A quick bit of typed journaling makes me super happy.


Ultimately, I over embellished and wish I would’ve stopped before stamping on the wood veneer speech bubble.  Live and learn.  I’m pretty over it already…


The “Today” chipboard Thickers from Amy Tangerine makes this page complete.  My love for script runs deep and wide.


There she is folks…  my first (and favorite) layout of 2015.


Easter for my birthday.

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Once in awhile, Easter decides to celebrate my birthday.  It’s a total trifecta when this happens.  1-My birthday, duh.  2-Spring.  Clearly God’s favorite season.  3-Easter and all its bunnies, eggs, candy, hunts, colors…

rIMG_7055 rIMG_7047 rIMG_7059 r_MG_7061And… my birthday birthmonth.

rIMG_7061 rIMG_7032And then there’s the oft overlooked part about Jesus.  Despite my serious love for celebrating my birth, turns out I’m even more into remembering a certain Someone’s death and Resurrection.  I look forward to our church’s Maundy Thursday service all year.  This year did not disappoint.


Thank you Jesus.



Cat names

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So, sounds like we’re getting a cat.  I am zero percent excited about this except ONE thing.  The naming part.

Here are the options I have generated so far.


Pepi la Fur

the Great Catsby


Madam McMittens

Empress of Meowsalot

Professor von Hairy Pants

Finnegan von Fartsworth

Kitty von Catsworth

Cat Benatar

Kitty Purry


Fitzwilliam Darcy


Decisions, decisions…

We’re artsy, you guys.

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IMG_3286 (2)IMG_3240 (2)IMG_3281 (2)

IMG_3287 (2)1  IMG_3254 (2)_edited-1 IMG_3259 (2)_edited-1

Check out this super artsy family checking out the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Art Museum…  You totally wish you’re family had such a deep appreciation of Mexican art, huh?  We could’ve gazed at this exhibit for hours; discussing the movement, texture, cerebral blur, artist’s dialogue and edgy political references, especially with the framed hair screen and the blood and hair rice paper garment.  Instead we moved as fast as we could to stay ahead of the blue hairs with canes and jazzy chairs on a tour behind us.

It was a good start though.  Into the world of art appreciation.  I’m not really much of an art museum kinda chick, but having studied FK in college, I have an appreciation for her story, struggles and ultimately her art.

Plus, it was hotter than the blazes of hell out so the air-conditioned museum was a pretty dope place to hang.

Yuck and yuck

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You guys, it’s rough around here.

The big guy hasn’t been feeling so hot, so Friday we spent the day having an optional organ removed.  Those ‘fall risk’ bracelets are stupid funny.  Hospital waiting rooms, however, are not.  Talk about uncomfy and a total crap way to spend a Friday…

Then, lil stuff came home from a sleepover with a case of the body aches.  “Seriously, mommy, my whole body hurts.”  Moms across the globe know what comes next…  101.2 on the thermo-meter.  Which she read as “112”.  Awesome.


What I love about this kid + a fever is that she gets super cooky.  Plus, that hair?!

Hope your weekend was significantly less crapola.