Paper + Paint

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Yeepers.  It’s been awhile.  Here’s a peek…
IMG_2492That’s a hand scripted title right there folks.  Painted, scanned, pnged and die cut.  My own writing.  I don’t hate it.

Peace out peeps!




Shopping freeze.

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Friends of the inter webs,

I think I’ve nearly committed to go on a diet.  A paper diet.  Actually, a paper and embellishment and superfluous supply diet.  My goal here, dear friends, is something akin to scrapbooking anorexia.

Lets back up.

Less 2015
As part of my One Little Word this year – LESS – I want to scale back on all the clutter and general mayhem that is surrounding me.  Everywhere I go – the kitchen, the bedroom, the SHOWER, the car… the space is closing in on me with all the stuff.  C. L. U. T. T. E. R.  ya’ll.  Everywhere.  And that includes my creative space.  I have long been aware that my purchasing and hoarding of paper is nearly as prevalent a hobby as the actual paper crafting.  Not cool.  And turns out nothing is safe from the mighty ax that is my donation bag this year.  So, I’m setting some deadlines.  I’m using my junk.  And I’m not buying more in the meantime.

There.  I’ve said it.  I, Ali, will not be purchasing more scrapbook paraphernalia for the foreseeable future.

Now, having said that, there will be some caveats.  1) I will allow myself basic supplies – card stock, tape runners, etc.  2) At this time, I will not be canceling my Studio Calico PL subscription.  I know that’s a BIG caveat, but the joy I receive from that little box each month, and the connection to that community, and the exclusive products they throw down – it’s too much for me to resist.  And really, I’m ok with that small indulgence.  It’s fair.  3) I may allow myself, within reason, some non store purchases.

PlantsandPaper15-06For instance, I received a small package today from Jamaica makes that Jamaica made me extremely giddy. I won’t rule out those tiny types of one-of-a-kind Ann Marie, Elisa Blaha, Ali Edwards indulgences.

So… here goes.  Bring it 2015.  (Except don’t actually ‘bring it’ because then I’d be tempted to cheat on my diet and buy something).



This is what’s up.

Around here


Lots of planning, list making and other paper related merriment.

I am in love with summer. Not the season so much as the freedom, time off, pace of life, etc.

Having a hard time shifting from ‘Summer has just begun’ to ‘I have only a few weeks left’.

Yet still knowing I’m lucky for EVERY DAY I get to be at home this summer and trying to savor it without the anxiety of it’s fleeting nature.

I’m loving seeing some progress around here. Whether it’s a clean corner, a reorganized closet or empty laundry baskets.

Devoting as much time to gluing paper as I possibly can.

Easter for my birthday.

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Once in awhile, Easter decides to celebrate my birthday.  It’s a total trifecta when this happens.  1-My birthday, duh.  2-Spring.  Clearly God’s favorite season.  3-Easter and all its bunnies, eggs, candy, hunts, colors…

rIMG_7055 rIMG_7047 rIMG_7059 r_MG_7061And… my birthday birthmonth.

rIMG_7061 rIMG_7032And then there’s the oft overlooked part about Jesus.  Despite my serious love for celebrating my birth, turns out I’m even more into remembering a certain Someone’s death and Resurrection.  I look forward to our church’s Maundy Thursday service all year.  This year did not disappoint.


Thank you Jesus.



This is what’s up.

Around here

Missin snow days. And snow. But mostly snow days.

Diggin American Idol.  My faves are Alex and Sam.  And Harry rocks the Kazbah for sure.

Wishin I was living a simple, clutter free life.

Wantin to focus a whole lot more on my OLW project.  Going through the motions is lame.

Dislikin negative Nancys.  Really hatin it when I see that in myself.

Lovin crisp spring days.



Cat names

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So, sounds like we’re getting a cat.  I am zero percent excited about this except ONE thing.  The naming part.

Here are the options I have generated so far.


Pepi la Fur

the Great Catsby


Madam McMittens

Empress of Meowsalot

Professor von Hairy Pants

Finnegan von Fartsworth

Kitty von Catsworth

Cat Benatar

Kitty Purry


Fitzwilliam Darcy


Decisions, decisions…

Ten Things

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10 Random things I thought you should know…

1.  Our family had a dog named Allie.

2.  I have a self diagnosed textile aversion issue.

3.  I speak Spanish.

4.  When I was little I wanted to name my kids Shelby (girl) and Sheldon (boy).

5.  Ironically, if I could embed myself in any modern-day fictional character’s life, it would hands down be Sheldon’s in Big Bang Theory.

6.  I pick up EVERYTHING with my toes.  I will expend 2x the energy trying to grip something as opposed to bending over to pick said item up.

7.  There are some things I just can’t do electronically…  I LOVE my paper planner.  I like turning the pages.  I like writing with a pencil.  I like marking things off.

8.  I dislike talking on the phone.

9.  I could very easily be a hermit if my loved ones didn’t force me to get out.

10.  I love to laugh.  And when I do, it’s loud.  (Or so says my husband).