Pocket Scraps

Pocket scraps, Scrapbook it

I went a smidge bit rogue with my pocket scrapbooking this week.  Buckle your seat belts friends.

I printed a ‘contact sheet’ from iPhoto so the images were all itty bitty.  I normally do 3×4 and 4×6, so this was a change.

I used a random sized Project Life protector.  Not 8.5×11, not 12×12.  Somewhere in the middle.  Design G to be exact.  Whaaat???

I didn’t do a spread, only one page.  With miniature photos, I squeezed plenty of our week in with just the one page.

Drum roll…



IMG_8811What’s that you say?  Why yes, thank you for noticing.  I DID use the ‘packed by’ card that comes with your SC kit.  I DID resist the urge to hoard the Kal Barteski wood grain chipboard (just those 5 words next to each other make my heart go pitter-patter).

When all was ‘pocketed’, I realized I had not featured the week’s date.  I remedied that with some Thickers over the top of the protector.


All is right in the world.

Scrap on, friends.



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