Easter for my birthday.

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Once in awhile, Easter decides to celebrate my birthday.  It’s a total trifecta when this happens.  1-My birthday, duh.  2-Spring.  Clearly God’s favorite season.  3-Easter and all its bunnies, eggs, candy, hunts, colors…

rIMG_7055 rIMG_7047 rIMG_7059 r_MG_7061And… my birthday birthmonth.

rIMG_7061 rIMG_7032And then there’s the oft overlooked part about Jesus.  Despite my serious love for celebrating my birth, turns out I’m even more into remembering a certain Someone’s death and Resurrection.  I look forward to our church’s Maundy Thursday service all year.  This year did not disappoint.


Thank you Jesus.




This is what’s up.

Around here

Missin snow days. And snow. But mostly snow days.

Diggin American Idol.  My faves are Alex and Sam.  And Harry rocks the Kazbah for sure.

Wishin I was living a simple, clutter free life.

Wantin to focus a whole lot more on my OLW project.  Going through the motions is lame.

Dislikin negative Nancys.  Really hatin it when I see that in myself.

Lovin crisp spring days.