Ten Things

Around here, Me, me, me

10 Random things I thought you should know…

1.  Our family had a dog named Allie.

2.  I have a self diagnosed textile aversion issue.

3.  I speak Spanish.

4.  When I was little I wanted to name my kids Shelby (girl) and Sheldon (boy).

5.  Ironically, if I could embed myself in any modern-day fictional character’s life, it would hands down be Sheldon’s in Big Bang Theory.

6.  I pick up EVERYTHING with my toes.  I will expend 2x the energy trying to grip something as opposed to bending over to pick said item up.

7.  There are some things I just can’t do electronically…  I LOVE my paper planner.  I like turning the pages.  I like writing with a pencil.  I like marking things off.

8.  I dislike talking on the phone.

9.  I could very easily be a hermit if my loved ones didn’t force me to get out.

10.  I love to laugh.  And when I do, it’s loud.  (Or so says my husband).


Photo Ops

Around here



I am darn near physically unable to pass up the chance to snap a dope photo, per the evidence below.



Random props, check. Wall graffiti, yup.  Photo booths, forget it.  Unable to pass them up.  Just ask my husband.  He’s held ma purse countless times as the photo booth does it’s thang.



Btdubs, the movie was pretty rock solid too.  Those Monsters sure get ya…



Miss my face?

Me, me, me

You guys.  I know you’ve been missing me like crazy.  (I realize I’m speaking to one, maybe two, people right now). I’ve missed you too.  I’ve also missed my voice, uninterrupted sleep and the ability to climb stairs without wheezing.  Momma’s been sick.  Fever, sore throat, congested sinuses, tight chest – all over the 4th of July.  All while family was in town.  All on my short summer break.  :/

But, here I am!  I’m back and have lots of catching  up to do.  Just you wait…

Click here – What The Peanut Ordered

I'd buy it!, Me, me, me, Scrapbook it

Click here – What The Peanut Ordered

There’s no hiding my love affair with paper.  Seeing a package filled to the brim with paper of all shapes and sizes on my front porch is fo shizzle one of the thrills I most love in life.  This summer, however, I’ve kept myself in check.  Cuz, momma needs to eat, ya’ll.  But then… the sale, the selection and the stars’ alignment prompted this order.

Momma loves a little PR.  ;]

Here’s a peek at the latest way I’ve managed to ignore all my parenting duties…


I ripped right in to the latest delivery of goodness, the new Studio Calico SB kit, Valley High, and got to work on a story I’d been meaning to document from this Spring.

The girls and some neighborhood kids love an impromptu game of 4 Square.  As I watched and snapped video, I was astounded by the ‘terminololgy’ of the game.  The ‘gotcha’, ‘deep water’, ‘tree topper’, ‘shoe shiner’.  And… the layout was born.


Lots of other parts and pieces were added in.  Alot from previous SC kits.  I toyed with the title ALOT.  Almost left it off, but then I settled on inking some chipboard letters with the same stamp pad as I used on the wood veneers.  Though it’s not a perfect match, it works and doesn’t make me cringe when I look at the LO.



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