Crazy love

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So you guys. I’m in the midst of a very unhealthy relationship. A very one sided love.

In return for my unwavering devotion I enjoy fleeting moments of joy. Occasional displays of returned affection.

You guys. I red heart the Royals.

Yep, the Kansas Cityals. I love the players. Their stories. Their struggles (of which there are many). I so love the crack of the bat. The thud of the ball in a glove. The thrill of a stolen base.  The umpire’s emphatic call.  The announcers’ voices. On the radio. On tv. In the stadium. I love the perfectly manicured field. The pitcher’s mound emblazoned with the KC logo. The organ music. The wave.

What I don’t love are the elbow to elbow crowds. The intense summer sun. The sweat running down your back as you sit tightly packed with strangers. Paying hundreds of dollars for the experience only to watch your heart get broken in a 9 to 1 loss.

It hurts. Kinda real bad. 

What I really want, ultimately, is a badge. Some sort of medallion as a testament to my love. My unre quited love. A bit of a battle scar, if you will (and I just know you will).  Something that elicits a head nod of respect from the rest of the world

So, my friends.  Both real and imagined. Tell me, what is your unrequited crazy love?

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We’re artsy, you guys.

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Check out this super artsy family checking out the Frida Kahlo exhibit at the Art Museum…  You totally wish you’re family had such a deep appreciation of Mexican art, huh?  We could’ve gazed at this exhibit for hours; discussing the movement, texture, cerebral blur, artist’s dialogue and edgy political references, especially with the framed hair screen and the blood and hair rice paper garment.  Instead we moved as fast as we could to stay ahead of the blue hairs with canes and jazzy chairs on a tour behind us.

It was a good start though.  Into the world of art appreciation.  I’m not really much of an art museum kinda chick, but having studied FK in college, I have an appreciation for her story, struggles and ultimately her art.

Plus, it was hotter than the blazes of hell out so the air-conditioned museum was a pretty dope place to hang.

It happened!

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You guys.  It’s like succulent Mecca.  The holy grail.  The bomb-diggity of succulent gardening.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce my first succulent flower!


Ma baby toes dun bloomed, ya’ll!  I’ve been watching them like a hawk b/c I’ve heard internet chatter about how they can be tricky, don’t tolerate the water, should never be mixed with other non similarish South African type guys, blah blah blah.

Well eat my non water retentive heavily sanded, pumiced and well drained dust internet nay sayers!

P.S. those poor ‘toes’ that look gnawed on?  Rabbits are now public enemy numero uno in my world.  Take note Thumper.

Yuck and yuck

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You guys, it’s rough around here.

The big guy hasn’t been feeling so hot, so Friday we spent the day having an optional organ removed.  Those ‘fall risk’ bracelets are stupid funny.  Hospital waiting rooms, however, are not.  Talk about uncomfy and a total crap way to spend a Friday…

Then, lil stuff came home from a sleepover with a case of the body aches.  “Seriously, mommy, my whole body hurts.”  Moms across the globe know what comes next…  101.2 on the thermo-meter.  Which she read as “112”.  Awesome.


What I love about this kid + a fever is that she gets super cooky.  Plus, that hair?!

Hope your weekend was significantly less crapola.



Today was day numero uno for my summer break.  Super exciting you guys.  The ADVENTURE begins NOW friends.  Lots of sleeping in (except not at all b/c we have daily swim practice).  Lots of layin in the sun (except I fry like a hot dog on a grill).  Lots of vacationing (except none are planned).  So really… my adventure involves laundry, shuffling piles of clutter and playing with paper and plants.  I’ll take it!

Not so awesome – the killer migraine I started this epic adventure out with.  Seriously you guys, I’m like the Princess and the Pea.  Except zero Princess and 100% Pea in my version of the story.  I slept just a tad wonky which resulted in my head nearly exploding all. day. long.

Good news?  I’m feelin better.  Good news 2.0?  Half off plants at the nursery.  Photos to come…



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You guys.  I love succulents.  I love crafting containers to plant them in.  (Or in some cases, ‘drown’ them in.)  I love repotting them.  I love pretending like I’ll give them away.  I love telling my kids not to touch them…


I am mind boggled by their wacky little bits of green wonder.  I am dying to understand how to best care for them, but that wack-a-doo world wide web gives hoards of conflicting information!  Eek!


No doubt, there will be carnage.  But I’m loving tinkering with them in the meantime.